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Second Blog -4 years later!

Second Blog -4 years later!

Today was sooo exciting!

I FINALLYYY ........after YEARS AND YEARS of PIIIIIIIIIININGGGG for this particular item....HAVE FINALLYYYY received my "Original Scrapbox - "DREAMBOX!"

Today, "The Original Scrapbox"  marketing team came out to see how I have actually set it up for use in my business!!!!!!

I am SOOOO LOOVVINNGGGGGG this piece of furniture! I am soooooooooo mad it took me THIS LONG to FINALLYYY purchase this thing!!!! It is a LIIIIIIFESAVER for anyone who is a Crafter -Jeweler -Scrapbooker -Painter - Artist -for ANYONE who is starting to feel COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED by the amount of crafting items you have and how they are alllll over the house in various small bins, shelving units, desks, closets, medium shelving units, various containers,  large shelving units.......etc.

It's almost like your house and garage are a huge "Michael's" or "Hobby Lobby,"  and you are this little person inside being swallowed up by crafting supplies!

I canNOTTTT believe how I've been able to put ALMOST ALL my items for sewing AND painting into this one unit.......and I still have some empty free bins. 

It is SOOO amazing at getting my craft supplies organized and putting all the things I need, for customizing my pointe shoes, all right there at my fingertips!

It is ALSO able to hold ALL my sewing supplies including:  my sewing machine,  2 sewing boxes, and ALL the embellishing items I need AND tutu patterns I need,  for creating new tutus each season.

Aside from all that,  I STILL have several drawers free for holding headpiece materials for tiaras and custom headpieces to match the costumes I make, a drawer for unique art supplies like specialized fabric pens for special materials & costumes, a drawer for oil crayons, pastels, charcoal, water pencils, water colors, and a variety of other art supplies I don't use as often....And even space STILL to hold my daughter's jewelry making supplies and endless amounts of beads she has!

This DREAMBOX is a DREAM just as I imagined it would be!!! Sooo much so that I am e-mailing them right now, to see about how I can further spread the word about this amazing piece of storage furniture which REALLy organizes and beautifies your workspace, no matter what line of creative work you do!!!!!

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