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I am a longtime dancer and dance teacher, who dabbles in mixed media.  I began doing this as a hobby and they have become so popular I've decided to make them available to all who love to dance, and those who are as crazy about mixed media as I am!  At our studio, we have many girls going on pointe this year,  and many have chosen this as a way to forever remember, and have a permanent keepsake of their FIRST PAIR OF POINTE SHOES!

Usually your first pair will end up worn out...dirty,  and in a bag somewhere in the back of a closet, to eventually be forgotten or lost. Turning them into a work of art, to perhaps hang on your wall, is a fantastic way to remember a very special time in your life, as well as who you were at that time, by customizing the design you like!

You may give  ideas, or suggestions, or get very detailed by sending in color choices and/or specific pictures you may like to see on your shoes. Or they could be very simply painted with just your name, and the date you went on pointe.

You may also like to  browse our designs or want to purchase a handpainted pointe shoe for someone who is a dancer, or someone who is doing a special part for the first time...Or even a very cool, original gift idea for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Birthdays, and Christmas.

  • All shoes will be unique and different from one another in some small way
  • These shoes are also available on Etsy.
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I am an avid supporter of artists and am now so excited to feature "Ballet Papier" products in our store as well. We have a variety of products that will be forever changing! 

Ballet Papier Brand

Ballet Papier started in 1992 when artist and painter Maria Berenice La Placa began drawing ballerinas for her daughter Ambar Gavilano, who was studying ballet. Ambar’s friends also wanted to decorate their rooms with them and people started to place orders making them very popular.

Currently, Bernice and Ambar combine their talents and creativity to design each product, and make them objects made especially for dance and art fans.

Ballet Papier designs begin as a sketch carefully outlined by artist Bernice and reviewed by Ambar Gavilano, who is now a professional dancer. Ambar reviews the position of the body, style and expression, to ensure that correspond to the character being depicted. After drawing process, the images b products on the market, because it moves away from the technical product to turn dance into fashion, carrying the final consumer to the very essence of dance through clothing and decorative and daily use objects.